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As a software developer, I strive to make creative tools and solutions. My primary skill-sets are server-side web development in Ruby on Rails and responsive front-end web page construction through modular CSS. I am a fast learner who enjoys new challenges and I hope to expand my familiarity with modern front-end frameworks.

I believe in accessibility, progressive enhancement, test driven development, and clear, expressive documentation. I believe in working with my team to solve problems and learning from them.


type experience
Languages Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, JSON, YAML, Markdown
Frameworks Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, ReactJS
Libraries Devise, Stripe, jQuery, Axios, HAML, SASS, Bootstrap
Testing Rspec, Cucumber, Capybara
Version Control Git
Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL

Education & Background

Builder Code Works, Consultant

April 2016 - Present

Contracted with Builder Code Works to create business, educational, and artistic web applications in Rails and React. Also responsible for front-end development with a focus on accessibility. Worked with both Bootstrap and creating custom modular CSS. Clients include: ViaHero, Texas A&M, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and Abstractions.

Webkite, Rails Developer

September 2010 - May 2013

Rails Developer working with MySQL, Redis and Rails. Responsible for establishing an acceptance test suite, upgrading Rails versions, mentoring team members to bring them up to speed with the codebase and best practices, and redesigning core site functionality.

Zeta Labs, Consultant

March 2010 - September 2010

Worked closely with Zeta Labs to build websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations using Wordpress, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Clients include: Talking Tree Creative, Deja Blake, Dr. David McDowell, HealthCorps, Baum Youth Forum, Urban Wellness, and Society for Martial Arts Instruction.

Pitt Visualization Research Lab, Researcher

June 2009 - September 2009

Explored several volume rendering packages including ImageVis3D and AFNI to create three dimensional images from brain scans. Experimented with Motif and Open Inventor for data visualization. Created basic interface for rendering multiple data sets simultaneously with VTK.

Ansaldo STS USA, Software Intern Co-op

May 2007 - December 2008

Developed and performed tests for train scheduling optimization software in a distributed computing environment. Configured region boundaries and generated layouts for railway networks.

University of Pittsburgh

August 2005 - December 2009

BS in Computer Engineering

For Fun

I believe that venturing out into other fields is not only good for one's health but that it is also essential for personal growth. In addition to web programming, I have also: