things i've worked on


A third Octojam game - this time I collaborated with my friend Tann. It's a procedurally generated platformer where you need to create your won platforms to progress. This was a huge collaboration, literally, as we managed to hit the limit on executable memory for Chip8 programs. I even wrote a Chip8 stack] just so we could juggle all of the appropriate information. As with all octojam games, you can play it in your browser. Check it out!

Spelunky Inventory and Radar Mod

A return to Spelunky modding but this time I dove into the game's code so I could track game stats. This is an executable that runs side-by-side with Spelunky that allows you to update your inventory and items while you play. The tool also creates a radar that shows you the relative locations of enemies on the current map in real time. I'm not a big fan of this sort of cheating, but I created it as a demo for my talk at Abstractions on video game hacking. I think there are a lot of other cool applications for the radar and stat tracking though!

nepeta cataria

My first Ludum Dare entry! For LD34 I worked with Lindsey Bieda to create a game for the theme "two button controls". This was also my first unity project, but powering through it over a weekend I got the hang of the simple stuff pretty quickly. Play it over here and let me know what you think!


Another game entry for Octo-ber Jam. I stuck to my puzzle game roots a little bit but this time I tried a more timing/mastery approach. Play as a hungry octopus and control their multiple tentacles simultaneously to grab food. Be careful not to get tangled up! I really enjoyed experimenting with the SuperChip instruction set. Play it here.

glitch ghost

My entry for Octo-ber Jam 2014, this is a puzzle game about a ghost who is trying to make friends. Unfortunately, all of the people run away in fright. I had a fun time diving into Chip8 assembly to write this. You can play it through the Octo emulator here.


Basic Vim syntax highlighting and indentation rules for Chip8 assembly. I wrote these rules to make working on glitch ghost a lot less painful, but this was my first time writing vim plugins so they're mostly just pulled together from examples. They are also available on

zerglings as cats

A (mostly) weekly comic that I make that combines two of my favorite things - Starcraft and cat pictures. Zerglings doing things that cats do. What more is there to say?

L-systems n'at

This is just a playful little project that I started to experiment with L-systems. It uses a few hueristics to generate drawing rules to create unnatural but still tree-like structures. See it in action here.

css3 animations

A small set of animations based on poi and sacred geometry, written purely with CSS3. The goal of this was purely educational but some of the results are pretty mesmerizing. Inspired by this CSS3 spinners blog post. See them demoed here.

cherry sprite

A very simple sprite-file animation tool for previewing sprite files. I wanted the ability to be able to edit individual frames in a sprite image and quickly see the impact it had on a moving sprite without having to rebuild the file.


Specorgi is a mod for Spelunky HD by Mossmouth that replaces the pug damsel with a corgi (because corgis are cuter). I tried to stay as true to the original art style as I could.


A city building simulation game made for OSGCC 5 with Andrea Della Corte and Joanna Drummond, given the themes "mars" and "coins". It is an open-ended resource balancing game about pioneering a colony on Mars. I primarily worked on the Vim-Ruby connection and rendering engine.

Ascii Ascii Revolution

A DDR-based game made for OSGCC 4 with my teammates Lindsey Bieda and James Larkby-Lahet. Our selected themes were "narwhals" and "corn". My major contributions were to graphics and group management. Be fast on your fingers and get ready to groove!